Is Buying Florida Land A Good Investment??? Should I buy Florida land as an investment? If you have decided to invest in Florida land then you have made the right choice! Florida is a peninsula, surrounded by water on three sides. Sunny beaches, soft sands, palm trees and a land investors dream!! More than 1,000 people a day are moving to Florida Florida is the number 1 tourist location east of the Mississippi. Tax benefits Florida's climate Average temp 76.2 Average high 81.4 Average low 71 Disney world 250,000 people a day visit. That's just to name a few reasons why investing in Florida is a great investment! South Florida is expanding every day… people are moving north. Most of the bigger cities have expanded exponentially in the last decade. Cities like Miami, ft Lauderdale, Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa have seen major growth. Because of this, land values outside of these areas have continued to climb. Smart Florida land investors have been targeting areas that offer room for growth, less traffic, low property taxes,close proximity to major thruways and a much better price point. Florida land investors are taking advantage of these Florida land investment opportunities! If you're just starting to buy Florida land as an investment, then knowledge is Key!! Tips For beginning your Florida vacant land investments. Decide your Florida land investment budget! Decide if you are going to need to finance your Florida land deals! Maybe you need to buy your first Florida land with owner finance and no credit check. Target areas that are high and dry! Always do your due diligence! Always do a title search before buying! Do not buy without a clear title! Always buy within your budget! Minimizing Risk When it comes to vacant Land Investing, the number rule of thumb is ( if you don't have to sell and you can hold, then land investing is a win! win!) Many land investors that don't have a lot of investment capital will buy on terms or lease to own What is buying on terms Why Buy Land No Credit ? Low down payment! No credit check! Lower risk! High potential for profit! Fits your budget! Can cancel contract at any time with no penilty More buying power Those are a few reasons why you should consider buying land no What Is A Florida Land Lease? A Florida land lease to own is a legal contract between the seller-landlord and the buyer- leaser. Terms of land lease. Typically set for 1-2 year terms Deposit paid to lease land. Deposits range from $500 To $1,000 Monthly lease payment. Agree to terms and Conditions of land lease. Florida land leases are a great option for many reasons..... Not ready to buy Just want a place to get away without the big cost. Minimal investment Great way to lock in a price before the market drives the prices up. Can cancel anytime. I hope this info has helped you in your Florida land investing endeavors Always a pleasure. Dana,B MBM Land LLC